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Portable Communion Set - DELUXE - 081407007076

Portable Communion Set - DELUXE - 081407007076

SKU: 081407007076

Portable Communion Set- DELUXE

  • The Deluxe Portable Communion Set is a contemporary and stylish new half-circle, molded case with an elegant cross molded into the lid and a quality heavy-duty zip closure
  • The interior of the set is molded to secure the individual pieces and is covered with a flocked cloth
  • Size: 7.25in x 5.25in x 4.75in
  • When opened, the Deluxe Set lays flat with the lid holding the stainless steel bread container and doubling as a serving tray - as it has placement for 6 cups around the bread container
  • The main compartment of the set is a molded insert that supports and protects 6 quality, glass communion cups and a refillable, clear 50 ml. juice container with a screw on top
  • Has a padded, cloth divider to cover the unused serving components when serving communion. 
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